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Are Pot Coffee Shops The Next Big Thing In The Cannabis Industry?

Since public perception of marijuana use is shifting, cannabis tourism is on the rise. People want to be able to smoke marijuana wherever they are, hence Amsterdam-style coffee shops are more than ever in demand. Currently, some of the cannabis vendor dispensaries are operating legal adjacent lounges in San Francisco, while the rest of California is still working on making the decision and authorizing such establishments.

Pot Coffee Shops - Merchant Club of America

Massachusetts is also debating the approval of legal cannabis coffee shops, while some of the other states like Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska failed to legalize the marijuana coffee shops. Cities within the state continue to have the right to authorize such establishments within its boundaries. Some of the government and state officials believe that people who smoke cannabis will drive under the influence, no matter whether marijuana coffee shops exist or not. Despite that, the main reason for the backlash against such establishments is the law enforcement concern about the driving under the influence and inability to detect and declare marijuana DUI.

There are certain requirements Amsterdam-style cannabis coffee shops need to meet in authorized cities, like San Francisco. Cannabis lounge operators need to meet lengthy bureaucratic regulations and paperwork requirements. In addition, lounge owners need to ensure neighbors are protected from the second-hand smoking and odor. Thick walls, sophisticated ventilation, and expensive air conditioning units are a must, to ensure cannabis smoke is not bothering neighbors and people passing through. Last but not least, specific health and safety measures need to be in place to protect the cannabis coffee shop workers as well.

Pot Coffee Shops - Merchant Club of America

Overall, the future is bright for the business owners that want to venture out and open up the Amsterdam-style cannabis coffee shops in the cities like San Francisco and Denver. It seems that legal marijuana coffee shops are following the path of cannabis legalization. Most of the states or cities are expected to soon follow the example of the cities that are currently successfully issuing business licenses for marijuana lounges.

Merchant Club of America provides a wide variety of payment solutions for cannabis business owners. If you are interested in operating a cannabis coffee shop or simply want to move away from cash transactions, contact us today by filling out the form below and get more information about our custom cannabis payment solutions.

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