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We Pay you to Process! 

Join the Club and earn Cash Back, not only on your store sales but also any other business you refer. Get paid each and every month. No other payment processing company pay's their clients. Why pay sales people when we can pay our own clients.
This is in addition to eliminating your processing or credit card fees. With Merchant Club of America we pay you to process, not the other way around. 

How to become a Club Member: Simply sign up for either our 0% Credit Card, program or Cash Discount. Program and refer just 1 business that successfully signs up and uses our services and you qualify to start earning Cash Back. The number of businesses you can refer is endless. The more you refer the more you make. Ultimately creating a substantial monthly revenue stream from consumers doing their everyday shopping from businesses we all support.  
Stop paying and start making money. Spread the word and everyone can benefit! 

Sign up for a FREE consultation today!

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