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Card Processing for Dispensaries

Introducing Real Payment Processing

Let's get this out of the way, a dispensary is not allowed to have their own direct payment processing agreement for as long as cannabis is federally illegal (schedule 1). You need a 3rd party processing agreement. Let us help you navigate through your options.

Compliant Payment Processing

As of July 2023, the direct sale of cannabis on any payment network for either credit cards or debit cards has been forbidden. In order to be compliant the card brands must approve the correct processing method if the transaction is taking place in a dispensary or other cannabis operation. This usually involves using digital wallets, crypto currency, electronic gift cards, software, etc..

Accept Credit & Debit Cards 

Are there gaps in your payment acceptance program? Are you offering the major payment types that your customers actually want? Cash, ATM, Debit and Credit. The industry is evolving and just having an ATM isn't enough. With Merchant Club, you can now accept credit and debit cards for your store, delivery and or online. 


Customer Buying Experience is Key 

Instead of multi-step payment processes, your customers will experience the sale just like buying items from their local retail market. Your customers simply pull out their card, chip their card and receive their receipt like they would at any other business. 


20 to 40% Higher Ticket Sales

All retailers in America know that by accepting payments will increase spending. It's vital to their survival. Why would dispensaries be any different? With the average person only carrying around $35 on them, limits the amount they can spend in your store. ATMs help but do not fix the issue. By enabling card payments at your dispensary, you will see a huge increase in purchases by each customer. We guarantee it!

Less Cash = Lower theft

When more and more of your customers start using credit cards for their purchases, you’ll have much less cash on hand reducing the risk large amounts of cash brings.


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Terminals or Card Swipers


Retail CBD

Delta 8, Delta 9 and THCA

Cannabis Delivery

4G Wireless Terminals

Or Text to Pay

online shopping-carts.jpeg

Online CBD and Kratom

Payment Processing

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  • Accept Credit & Debit Cards

  • Increase Store Revenue up to 30%+

  • Merchant Cost: Pass most or all fees onto Customers

  • POS integrations

  • ApplePay / GooglePay

  • Tip Line

  • Chargeback Protection

  • Text to Pay or QR Code option for Curbside pick up or Delivery

  • Accurate Online Reporting

    • (per terminal/location)

  • Cashless Delivery for your Drivers

  • Attract & Retain Customers

  • Encourage impulse buying 


Do I need a Cannabis Bank Account?
If you need help we have relationships wit
h over 50 cannabis banks nationwide. 

I already have an ATM or Debit Card solution
That's great! Keep them as they are great to have in any business.
However you want to provide your customers with same payment options that they are accustomed to using everyday in order to attract and retain more customers.
Your customers should be able to transact at your location just like they do at any other retail store.

Do you
 a have compliant way to take Credit Cards?
Yes, however we do not use any of the
credit card brand rails for the direct sale of cannabis products.  We have several solutions to choose from. Contact us for for more information regarding your options.


What to Learn More? 

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Merchant Club of America is not a processor or a bank and does not claim any direct integrations or ownership of the above mentioned companies. Any product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks or images featured or referred to within this website are the property of their respective trademark holders.

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