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Your business running smarter, not harder.

You may be eligible for a free Point of Sale system for your business.

Dispensaries included!

Are you tired of juggling multiple platforms and systems to manage your cannabis business? 

Say goodbye to hours spent manually tracking your systems.

Manage all your operations within a fully customizable cannabis tech ecosystem where you can take control over payments to product inventory, in one powerful POS platform.

The Most Intelligent POS System Designed Exclusively for Cannabis Dispensaries

Revolutionize the way you manage your dispensary, track inventory, schedule marketing campaigns, and start accepting all payment types with ease.

Simplify Payments

Integration with the most advanced payment solutions available, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction experience for your customers. No more headaches or delays – just effortless payments at your fingertips and the BEST part a guaranteed 30% revenue increase.

Customer Insights

Managing customer profiles has never been easier. With our customer profile management feature, you can personalize your interactions and tailor your offerings to individual preferences. Keep track of sales with ease and identify trends to better serve your loyal customers.

Compliance Tracking

Compliance and product tracking are essential in the cannabis industry, and we've got you covered. Our platform ensures that you are on top of compliance regulations while keeping clear records of every product's journey from seed to sale.

Inventory Overview

Intelligent inventory management so you can easily keep track of how your products are moving. Don’t run out of your best sellers and flash sale that inventory that is going stale. Gain a full overview of analytics, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your business performance.

Online Ordering Custom App

 In today's digital age, online ordering is a must-have for any business. Our custom app designed for your business includes online ordering + Apple Pay and Google Pay so you can cater to the ever-growing demand for online purchases. Expand your reach and boost sales without breaking a sweat.

Rewards Program

Boost customer loyalty and drive repeat business with our rewards program. Create a personalized experience for your customers, making them feel valued and appreciated. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to building customer relationships.

Find Out if You Qualify for $0/Month

Imagine having real-time access to your sales, analytics, inventory levels, and customer profiles all in one place.

Our advanced POS system provides you with a full overview of your business performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that drive growth. No more guesswork - just actionable insights at your fingertips.

Time to Pay

Leading Technologies Modern Payment Solutions

Fully Integrated

PIN Debit - Credit - Cashless ATM

 Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the convenience of modern payment solutions.


Watch your revenue grow up to 60% when customers can pay in their preferred way.

PIN Debit for Retail & Delivery
  • Countertop and 4G wireless Terminals

  • Apple Pay / Google Pay 

  • Tip Line for Budtenders

  • No Apps, Texts, or Extra Steps

  • Normalized Card Checkout

  • LOW Rates from $0.35 per Transaction

  • 3-day Funding

Looking to upgrade your equipment but worried about cost?

We've got you covered with flexible equipment financing options.

Get The Tools You Need With $0 Down

  • No Money Down


  • Easy Application Process


  • Fast Approval

  • Flexible Payment Terms


  • Upgrade Today!

Don't pass up this opportunity to increase profits!

Save yourself from juggling outdated systems that require manual oversight.


Learn more about the platform possibilities and experience ease and simplicity with the smart cannabis tech ecosystem.

Learn more about the future of cannabis ordering technologies.

Ask us about our new Self-Service Kiosks and Cannabis Vending Machines.

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