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6 Ways to Use Gift Cards to Grow Your Business:


Gift Card Statistics

  • 93% of consumers said they intend to purchase Gift Cards within the next year

  • Birthdays and Winter Holidays are the top occasions for Gift Card giving

  • Gift Cards topped the wish lists of consumers polled by the National Retail Federation

  • 33% of Retailers believe Gift Cards are more effective than cash


Gift Card Benefits

  • 70% of Gift Card recipients spend 1.5 to 2.0 times the value of the card

  • Merchants who convert from paper certificates to Gift Cards sell 30-40% more

  • 20% of Gift Cards are never redeemed –this can pay for your program alone

1.     Gift Card with Purchase Program

Give customers a Gift Card when they purchase “X” amount and make it redeemable towards another purchase of “Y” amount. This will increase your average ticket and drive repeat purchases.  Ask us how to implement this.

2.     Business Card with Bang

Load 100 Gift Cards with $10 (this is not real money – it’s like store credit) and give them to everyone you meet. Tell them what you do and invite them to come visit your place of business and the first “X’ dollars is on you. You want to impress people – this will do the trick and you’ll acquire new customers as a result. 

3.     Electronic Coupon 

 Send Gift Cards in the mail with a promotional value loaded and you’ll drive traffic to your doorstep. People respond far better to plastic than they do to paper because they equate plastic Gift Cards with money. When you include a Gift Card in a direct mail piece, response rates increase by over 75%.

4.     Giveaways 

Partner with schools or charitable organizations in your community to give away pre-loaded Gift Cards with a promotional value to students who make straight A’s or to be auctioned off at fundraisers. Partner with other businesses and give out each other’s Gift Cards to cross-sell complementary products.

5.     Prepaid Cards

Offer your customers the opportunity to pre-load Gift Cards with dollars to use in your store and give them more than they spend (buy $25 and get $30). You’ll save interchange on credit card transactions and you’ll have a great opportunity to sell re-loads in the future, ensuring a steady stream of recurring cash flow.

6.     Merchandise Credit Cards

Never give cash back again. When customers return merchandise, load Gift Card for the credit amounts to ensure that customers spend the money at your store.

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