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Get This Solution And Stop Paying Processing Fees

In an environment where conducting business with cash is almost obsolete, businesses that accept credit cards have to pay processing fees for each transaction. Credit card processing fees can get complicated and overwhelming. Merchants can be charged transactional, scheduled and incidental fees that can amount to a pretty large amount a month.

Get This Solution And Stop Paying Processing Fees - Merchant Club of America

One way to reduce the amount of processing fees paid is to swipe credit cards during the sales transaction. Merchants should avoid using manual credit card entry since such payment method not only increases the chance of theft but also incurs higher credit card processing fees. Swiping cards during a transaction will reduce but not eliminate the required fees.

However, by using the Merchant Club of America zero fee credit card processing solution, merchants can accept credit cards for free. Our proprietary software enables businesses to offset credit card fees by passing it onto customers. Hence, merchants can finally breath easy and get the full proceeds from the sale.

The zero fee credit card processing solution rewards customers as well. First, the solution concept is clearly displayed throughout the business location. Signage informs customers that credit card processing fees will be added to customer charges, or eliminated if a customer chooses to pay with cash or a pre-paid gift card.

Get This Solution And Stop Paying Processing Fees - Merchant Club of America

Overall, the zero fee credit card processing solution is win-win for everybody. Consumers are happy to get a discount at the register, while merchants save a ton of money that can be invested to improve the business. Thousands of merchants are already using this solution, which means your business can eliminate credit card fees as well.

If you need more information, fill out the form below and one of our knowledgeable representatives will get in touch to provide more information.

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