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Business Programs That Can Alleviate Inefficiencies

December is one of those months that can reveal all the areas your business is lacking at. Inefficient payment systems, unhappy customers, or countless hours spent on reconciling and reporting demonstrate the need for change.

Business Programs That Can Alleviate Inefficiencies - Merchant Club of America

Merchant Club of America is a premier business services provider. We obsess about our customer success and provide solutions for increasing business profitability, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and general productivity.

To help merchants excel and achieve the desired business goals, we strategically designed business programs that can alleviate some of the pain experienced by merchants on a daily basis. Specifically, we specialize in revolutionary payment systems, Cash Discount Program, and mobile payment options.

Our point of sale systems helps merchants save money on normal everyday business operations, implement and run loyalty programs, cut costs on credit card processing fees, and provide full inventory and customers analytics. Merchants can rest easy since no more countless hours are needed to perform everyday operations. In addition, some of the terminals are portable, hence can support business transactions at the counter, in line or on the go, which means it can serve more customers at the same time!

Next, some of the merchants are still paying credit card processing fees whenever a customer pays by credit card. It is a costly burden to any business, especially during the month of December. At Merchant Club of America, we understand the pain merchants go through every day, hence we offer a Cash Discount Program, in order to eliminate processing fees. Credit card processing fees are added to customer’s charges or completely eliminated if cash or a prepaid gift card is used. It’s a win-win program since it allows merchants to save money and provides a discount for consumers who use cash.

Business Programs That Can Alleviate Inefficiencies - Merchant Club of America

Finally, mobile payment technologies like Apply Pay is becoming one of the top preferred payment options for customers. At Merchant Club of America, we understand how important it is for businesses to embrace the ever-changing technology and tools, hence through our business programs, we enable merchants to incorporate Apple Pay as part of business payment methods. Apply Pay helps business to implement a seamless checkout experience, shorten lines and increase customer satisfaction.

If your business showing signs of inefficiency and lack of productivity, fill out the form below and one of our knowledgeable representatives will get in touch to provide you more information about business services that can help improve your business operations.

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