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The Only Payment Method Your Customers Really Want

If by now, your business does not accept mobile payment options, you should strongly consider implementing it. If for nothing else, your competitors most likely using it already. The ever-evolving technology is part of the consumer lives and merchants that do not adapt and keep up with the latest developments risk loosing customers, especially during the Holliday season.

The Only Payment Method Your Customers Really Want - Merchant Club of America

Apple pay is one of those latest developments that all merchants should pay attention to. Apple pay enables businesses to accept payments by simply placing customer iPhone in the near vicinity of an Apple Pay compliant reader. The payment is processed in a matter of seconds and customers can be on their way in no time. Credit card pin codes or signatures are not required; hence this mobile payment method is as simple as it gets.

Customers prefer Apple Pay since it is convenient and a secure way of making payments. Consumers do not have to worry about lost or forgotten wallets and can purchase anything they need with the mobile phone. Next, the end-to-end encryption used for this type of transaction is superior to other payment methods. Credit card numbers are not stored, which gives a greater peace of mind for the business owners. In addition, Apply Pay technology encrypts and secures each credit card information added to the customer’s device, which reduces the chance of a theft.

The Only Payment Method Your Customers Really Want - Merchant Club of America

With a recent development, Apple Pay enabled consumers to send money via a simple text message. Such a feature is almost guaranteed to attract even a larger pool of customers to Apple Pay. Hence merchants that are not accepting this payment method will risk loosing revenues, especially during the Holliday season.

If you need more information about implementing Apple Pay in your business, fill out the form below and one of our representatives will get in touch to provide more information.

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