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Don't Let Credit Card Processing Fees Get In The Way Of Your Business Success

Are you still paying fees to accept credit cards? Yes? Then you are carrying the financial burden imposed by the credit card companies and missing out on potential savings that could be reinvested into your business. Imagine having that extra money for remodeling your store, or purchasing new equipment that your business desperately needs.

Avoid Credit Card Fees - The Merchant Club of America

Merchant Club designed its Cash Discount Program to help merchants like you to alleviate some of the pain of paying fees to accept credit cards. In short, the program takes the processing fees burden off the merchant — while rewarding merchants’ customers for paying in cash or with a prepaid gift card. It’s really that simple! Thousands of merchants are already using the program and more are signing up every day.

With our exclusive software, all monthly processing fees that you typically pay get incorporated into the sale. A small service fee is passed on to the cardholder. Even better, your customers are rewarded for paying in cash with a discount. Your customers will be well aware of this program since we will provide you with the point-of-purchase pricing and discount signage, which clearly spells out the process to customers, who know what they’re getting – and who’ll come back for more!

Avoid Credit Card Fees - The Merchant Club of America

The Cash Discount Program is a win-win solution to the fees imposed by the credit card companies. The program benefits merchants by putting more money in their pocket while providing a strong incentive for customers to pay with cash or with a prepaid gift card. The money previously paid in processing fees to credit card companies is now for the merchants to keep, either to reward themselves or to invest in their business!

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