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Zero Fee Credit Card Processing - See If You Qualify

Are you Still Paying to Get Paid?! We have a better solution.

With recent law changes and the advancement of our proprietary software your business can accept credit cards for FREE! Merchant Club Introduces Zero Fee Credit Card Processing!

Merchants from coast to coast are fed up with paying hefty processing fees whenever a customer pays by credit card. While these fees vary depending on which card a customer uses, the fact remains: Card operators are making money hand over fist — mostly on the backs of hard-working business people like yourself. As a result, these mounting monthly processing fees are squeezing merchants, adding to the costly burden of doing business. It’s just not fair!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Merchant Club to the rescue! We realize that merchants are carrying the financial burden of fees imposed by credit card companies. That’s why Merchant Club devised its brilliant new Cash Discount Program. In short, it takes the processing fees burden off the merchant — while rewarding merchants’ customers for paying in cash or with a prepaid gift card. It’s really that simple!

Ready to get started? Or would you like more information about our zero fee program? Fill out the form below.

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