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iPhone X and Apple Pay - Tutorial

Apple Pay was already one of the safest ways to process a payment in retail environments and apps like Uber. But that security becomes more prominent with Face ID and the iPhone X.

As you have probably noticed, the home button has vanished in the latest iPhone rendition, opening up all kinds of space for your screen. Along with it, gone is the Touch ID functionality a lot of us had been accustomed to. A small change on how you pull up your Apple Pay application, along with the convenience of Face ID, and this type of transaction becomes easier and safer than ever before.

Here is the rundown:

If you have not tried the Face ID technology on an iPhone X, you will be shockingly surprised on how quick and easy is the unlocking process, specially compared to phones from other platforms who have tried this security feature in the past. Not only was this option a lengthy process to setup on other phones, but it was also a very imperfect alternative. Half the time you would spend precious seconds staring at your phone in just the right angle hoping the phone would catch just the right features to unlock. Brightness of your surroundings and accessories you may be wearing such as hats were also factors to consider. All of those inconveniences are gone with Face ID. Largely because Apple's initial setup process on your iPhone X will walk you through a quick and easy scanning of your face from every angle possible. After that, the phone can sense when it's being picked-up and immediately activates the Face ID, which scans your face and unlocks your phone immediately. No lengthy process to wait for. No searching for just the right angle. No need to have the perfect atmospheric conditions since it even works in pitch-black conditions.

Why is all this important you ask? Because all these factors contribute

to the ease of Apple Pay. Opening up this feature becomes a seamless and quick motion of picking up your phone, Face ID unlocking it, and double clicking the power button on the right of the phone, all within a second.

Once the Apple Pay app has opened, place it near the compatible payment device, the Face ID scans your face once again to authorize the transaction, and VOILA! You are on your way.

From the moment you pick up your phone, to the moment the transaction has been authorized, you are looking at a total period of two to four seconds!

Paying with a chip card instead? It takes forever! Do you want to swipe? There are security risks associated with that. Apple Pay is not only is the safest option to process payment today, but it's also the fastest. Win-win for the merchant and the consumer.

Do you have any more questions on how to get started? Would you like your business to be set up with this feature? Fill out the form below.

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