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Apple Pay is a game-changer - Merchant Club of America

Have you ever stood at a register waiting for the chip reader to complete your transaction thinking to yourself: Why is this taking soooooo long?

You're not alone. And you have options.

Standing in front of a credit card processor for two to three minutes is way too long. Not only do you have to be patient while the reader gathers all the information to process your card, but to make matters worse, you have to answer a thousand questions that make the process even more tedious and cumbersome.

Speed and convenience is what Apple Pay brings to the table. In a matter of seconds your customers are on their way which allows you to speed up the checkout process and improve the overall experience for your customers. Holidays are upon us again and very few things make matters worse than endless lines.

Apple Pay, however, is not only a game-changer for retail

environments. If you are a small business with mobile solutions who has the need to generate invoices on-the-go, this technology will not only provide a seamless process to your customers, but will also revolutionize the process for you as a vendor. Contractors, handymen, plumbers, mechanics, and a whole slew of mobile professions can benefit from the convenience of Apple Pay. While exiting your job site, you can generate an invoice, forward it to your customer, and before you open the door to your vehicle, you can receive payment with Apple Pay.

We live in an instant-gratification society that is ever-more connected. Allowing easy payment options is just one more reason your operations can have the upper hand in the race to win over a loyal clientele. It's easy for you. It's easy for them. Everybody wins.

If you would like more information on how to get your business started with Apple Pay fill out the form below.

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