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Smart isn't just for phones anymore...

Your business deserves modern technology. The Poynt Smart Terminal is an all-in-one smart device you'll actually want to have on your counter.

Accept all of today's and tomorrow's types, and can easily email receipts, refund transactions, and settle with the tap of a button. And with the free smartphone app*, you can do all this from anywhere. It's like a remote control for your business.

Running a food-based business is hard work. At Merchant Club of

America, we distribute the Poynt Smart Terminal to not only create a better payment experience for your customers, but a better business experience for merchants as well.

■ Real Time Sales Reporting: Get real time reporting on your phone, web, or Poynt Smart Terminal.

■ 24/7 Support: You don't have a 9.5 business, that's why we offer 24/7 customer support.

■ Completely Mobile Terminal: Cut the cord, and go anywhere with your Poynt Smart Terminal.

■ Built-in Printer & Scanner: Don't fret with external printers and scanners, ours is built-in.

■ Apps for Food Business: Optimize your business operations with our curated and road-tested apps

■ Mobile Payment Ready: Wow your customers with seamless payment via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.

For questions or to order any of these devices, fill out the form below:

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