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Poynt Smart Terminal FAQ

Not familiar with the term "Smart Terminal"? Do you know what Poynt POS systems have to offer?

What is the Poynt Smart Terminal?

The Poynt Smart Terminal brings the unlimited versatility of a mobile device to a future-proof payment terminal at a price that any merchant can afford. The terminal was built to meet the highest PCI and EMV security requirements as well as connect to any merchant bank. The Poynt Smart Terminal runs PoyntOS which allows developers to bring to merchants the tools and technology to manage every facet of their business without having to purchase additional hardware.

What are the hardware specifications?

View all of the specifications here.

What are the connectivity options in the Poynt Smart Terminal?

The device connects to Wifi and has optional 3G capability. It also comes with a dock that allows for USB connectivity as well as an Ethernet port.

What are the exact dimensions of the printer paper roll and where can I get it?

A printer paper roll of 2 1/4" x 16' fits our terminal well.

If you’d like to order more paper, you can purchase additional rolls on Amazon.com by searching for "Poynt paper rolls". You can purchase them in packs of 5, 10, or 20.

How mobile is the device?

The terminal is mobile and can move around your store. If you want to take orders while customers are waiting in line, take payments from curbside pickup or take it to the storeroom to do inventory you can do that. With a 3G/4G device, you can even take it on deliveries or to the farmer’s market.

How do I charge the device?

The battery is charged by plugging it in through the micro USB connection on the side of the device or resting it on the dock.

What applications are available on the Poynt Smart Terminal?

There are several Poynt applications that come pre-installed on the device: Terminal, Register, Manual Entry, Settlement, and Help. We have also partnered with a number of developers to offer their applications to merchants. The number of applications will grow significantly, and with it the power of the terminal will exponentially grow. Remember when you had a phone with no apps? And what about all the value you get out of your apps today? That difference is exactly what we are aiming for with the 3rd-party applications running on PoyntOS. You will wonder how you lived without it!

Become more profitable and drive more revenue. Make running your business far less complicated and a whole lot more fun. Get in touch to learn more about all our options we offer for your small business. Whatever it is you need, we’re here for you. Have questions about the POYNT Smart Terminal? Fill out the form below.

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