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Small Screens Equals Big Business

50 years ago the payment terminal was first introduced. It used the latest technology to revolutionize shopping, bringing plastic atoms to life and creating an amazing commerce experience. However in the quest for efficiency, retail and commerce forgot the value of a great experience.

Today your business can use the next step in our vision to further magic in commerce.

Poynt 5

Poynt 5 contains all the same security, certifications and features as the Poynt Smart Terminal in a made-for-enterprise format.

Today’s checkout experience in large stores is incredibly cumbersome for customers. Waiting in line and paying at a counter is the only way to pay in most retail environments.

Designed for medium-to-large business environments, Poynt 5 enables merchants to create a premium experience. It allows retailers to cut the line and get rid of checkout lanes and long customer wait times, remnants of a foregone era in retail that didn’t include wireless technology and software driven hardware.

Poynt 5 easily plug and plays into existing POS, securely creating mobile environments, whether for one store or one hundred, for everyone from retail to restaurant.

Next Gen Commerce Platform - PoyntOS 2.0

A core tenet of Merchant Club is to make life easier for your business. One way we are doing this is through offering App Bundles and Intelligent Matching. Poynt’s app bundles take the stress and confusion of selecting complementary application for businesses out of the equation. App bundles not only simplify discovery, but also reduce complexity of set up.

POS Bridge

Poynt was designed to easily plug and play into a merchant’s system. With POS Bridge we have made that even simpler. POS Bridge coupled with our SDK and Rest API enables Poynt terminals to integrate with existing POS solutions, whether on Windows PCs, tablets or smartphones, and run transactions through Poynt. Simple, seamless and standard.

It has been a busy time for us at Poynt. We could not be more excited as we continue to build our ecosystem of amazing partners and help deliver even more value to both new and existing merchants. It is still early days with a lot more fun to come!

Merchant Club of America is a preferred re-seller of this terminal. If you are interested in receiving more information or would like a totally risk-free quote for merchant services, as well as business lending, online marketing options, security systems or loyalty programs, send us your details on the form below. One of our representatives will contact you soon.

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