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Introducing our Clover POS Systems

Clover is a game changer. See why:

Smart Terminal

Not only does it do all the things a normal POS system does, but it's

full scale App-Market allows Clover to grow with you and your business. Powerful apps like Insightics help you discover things you never knew about your business, your customers, and your competitors. All of which will help you make better decisions to grow your business. There are over 5,000 developers currently working on new apps to make Clover more powerful and custom tailored for you. Just like the "Smart Phone," Clover will only get better and better over time!

Aesthetics Are Important

Take pride in displaying this state of the art POS system. With design inspired by Apple and Tesla, Clover will sit pretty on your countertop. However, it’s form is truly rivaled by function. Clover's patented swivel screen allows for flawless and fun customer interaction. USB ports located below the receipt printer allow for connectivity to bar code scanners, scales, kitchen printers, and more.

Security Features

Clover is one of the most secure POS systems on the market. It

adheres to the latest PCI-DSS Compliance Standards, and receives security updates for free on a regular basis. A few of the security technologies that have been designed for Clover include an end-to-end encrypting card reader, data tokenization, a locked-down operating system, and a mutually authenticated SSL. As a business owner, you can rest easy knowing your customer’s data is secure with Clover!

Merchant Club of America is a preferred re-seller of this terminal. If you are interested in receiving more information or would like a totally risk-free quote for merchant services, as well as business lending, online marketing options, security systems or loyalty programs, send us your details on the form below. One of our representatives will contact you soon.

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