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Do You Know What Your Processing Costs Are?

Read the fine print on early termination fees. It could save you thousands of dollars.

Practically every service contract — for cell phones, cable TV or Internet — has a provision for early termination.

So does credit card processing services. Typically, early termination results in a flat-rate fee for the merchants. Before signing an agreement with a processing company, it’s wise to look closely at the early termination section of your Merchant Processing Agreement.

That’s because some processors have deviated from the flat-rate early termination fees found in most processing agreements. Their termination fees are either the flat fee — say, $400 per location — or the amount of the missed processing fees after the contract is cancelled, whichever is higher.

No Hidden Surprises with Merchant Club of America

We value our customers and our goal is to help your business thrive. That means treating you with care, respect and honesty. There are no hidden fees in our processing agreement and no costly surprises.

Our goal at Merchant Club of America is to help you save money on normal every day expenses, cut costs on your credit card processing fees, provide you access to your full inventory and give you customer analytics in order to make your business grow. Contact us today at (877) 771-0248 or

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