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Top Three Business Services Successful Merchants Need To Know About

Merchant Club of America is a premier business solutions agency providing business owners secure payment technologies, business lending, surveillance systems, loyalty programs and online marketing options, all in one convenient, affordable and compelling package.

Top Three Business Services Successful Merchants Need To Know About - MCA

Here are the three most popular premier services that can help your business with efficiency and money-saving strategies.

• Discount For Cash:

Are you still paying to get paid? If that’s the case, you are doing it all wrong. Due to recent law changes and the advancement of our proprietary software your business can now accept credit card for FREE! Merchant Club of America is proud to offer zero free credit card processing. This program was created with merchants in mind. Merchants from coast to coast are discovering the numerous advantages of our cash discount program.

• Loyalty Programs:

We will help you save money on normal everyday business operations and attract consumer traffic by implementing and running loyalty programs. Merchant Club of America offers various ways for your business to use gift cards in order to grow your business. We offer a gift card with purchase program, offer in-store credit to customers, and provide electronic coupons with a promotional value to help drive traffic to your business location. We also offer giveaway programs that allow you to partner with schools or charitable organizations in our community to give away pre-loaded gift cards.

• Smart Terminals:

Smart terminals help merchants save money on normal everyday business operations, implement and run loyalty programs, cut costs on credit card processing fees, and provide full inventory and customers analytics. By using Merchant Club of America’s all-in-one smart terminal devices your business will be able to offer customers the convenience of paying with multiple payment types. In addition, a wide range of downloadable apps will provide robust, integrated solutions that are easy to configure and optimize. Your business will be able to track inventory, manage employees, gain customer insights, build loyalty and more – without the need for additional hardware.

Top Three Business Services Successful Merchants Need To Know About - MCA

If you want to learn more about our premier services, fill out the form below and one of our representatives will get in touch shortly.

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