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PIN Based Debit Processing For Your Cannabis Operation

Introducing Pin-Based debit processing exclusively from the Merchant Club of America for the cannabis industry.

Our Pin-Based debit solution is tailored for cannabis operations, but regardless of your industry, you can also benefit from offering this option to your patrons.

Pin-Based debit processing gives your customer the opportunity to use their debit card to process a transaction, while your business avoids any of the disadvantages of handling and processing cash.

• No ATM fees

• Avoid safety concerns while handling cash

• Improve your accounting versatility and options associated with digital payments

Tested and approved by banks, this solution has the blessing of the strictest industry regulators. This is a bank sponsored pin debit only solution for the Cannabis Industry.


The Merchant Club can set your business with equipment that can handle EBT cards, provide cash-back to customers, and it costs less as well as provide enhanced security for your operations. If you are interested in getting setup with Pin-Based Debit Processing, fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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