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Apple Pay: The New Face of the Cashless Economy

The future of mobile commerce is already here. Basic payment infrastructure is changing and digital wallets might become the primary source of payments in the future. Merchants that do not accept mobile payments risk loosing customers and staying behind the businesses that understand the importance of using payment methods like Apple Pay…

Apple Pay: The New Face of the Cashless Economy - Merchant Club of America

Apple Pay is fast and convenient. In a matter of seconds, your customers are on their way which allows you to speed up the checkout process and improve the overall shopping experience. This mobile payment method eliminates the need for credit cards and wallets, hence both customers and merchants avoid unfortunate situations where shopping is ruined by a forgotten wallet…

Security is another feature of Apple Pay. The encryption utilized for this type of transaction is superior to other payment methods. Credit card numbers are never stored and business owners don't have to deal with that hassle. This technology allows for a dedicated account number for each credit card added to each device, and this information is encrypted and securely stored to prevent theft.

In addition, if you are a small business with mobile solutions who has the need to generate invoices on-the-go, this technology will not only provide a seamless process to your customers but will also revolutionize the process for you as a vendor. Contractors, handymen, plumbers, mechanics, and a whole slew of mobile professions can benefit from the convenience of Apple Pay. While exiting your job site, you can generate an invoice, forward it to your customer, and before you open the door to your vehicle, you can receive payment with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay: The New Face of the Cashless Economy - Merchant Club of America

If you want to learn more on how to implement Apple Pay in your business, fill out the form below and one of our representatives will get in touch shortly.

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