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Merchant Club is proud to present PIN-Debit Processing

The Merchant Club of America is proud to present PIN-Debit processing as a Point-Of-Sale option to all our customers. Our PIN-Debit solution is unique and improved over options offered by our competitors and below we will list some of the main features:

PIN Debit processing - (Merchant Club of America)

• PIN-Debit processing is done through the debit card networks instead of the ATM debit networks. This allow for extra savings since consumers will not see the typical ATM debit fees from their respective banks. • Our PIN-Debit processing solution offers several ways to accept payment including swipe, manual key entry, Apple Pay and NFC mobile payment options. • PIN-Debit processing provides inherently safe processing since debit cards decrease fraud attempts and chargebacks. PIN-Debit processions is considered one of the safest ways to process payment. • Our PIN-Debit processing features individual MID tracking from each geographic location which enables your accounting department to have more specific, accurate and accessible on demand reporting. Most of our competitors assign one MID per account instead of per locaion. This creates more work trying to reconcile reports from your different geographical sources.

PIN-Debit processing (Merchant Club of America)

• PIN-Debit processing helps you keep compliant with network rules and regulations, specially in those industries heavily regulated such as the cannabis industry.

Don't wait any longer. Bring these features and benefits to your point-of-sale system and lower your fees while you're at it. Fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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