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Top 5 Merchant Services For Your Small Business

Merchant Club of America is a premier business solution agency providing every business owner a comprehensive selection of services that will save you money, improve your accounting reporting and will make your processing surprisingly easy to manage.

Top 5 Merchant Services For Small Business - Dallas

Below we will list the top 5 merchant services we currently offer and a brief description on how they can help your business with efficiency and money-saving strategies. ZERO Fees On All Credit Card Transactions:

Are you still paying to get paid? If that’s the case, you’re doing it wrong. Due to recent law changes and the advancement of our proprietary software, your business can accept credit cards for FREE! Merchant Club of America is proud to offer zero free credit card processing. This program was created with merchants in mind. From barbers and burger joints, to plumbers and pizza parlors, merchants from coast to coast are discovering the numerous advantages of our cash discount program.

PIN Debit Processing:

Driving business forward, Merchant Club of America is proud to present PIN based debit processing solutions to those industries that need an alternative to accepting cash payments, or those industries where credit card processing is not available such as the marijuana industry. PIN based debit processing is State Bank sponsored, insured and approved, giving merchants peace of mind. PIN Debit processing also allows accurate online reporting and accounting options compared to handling cash transactions. If your business handles a lot of cash, or is unable to process credit cards, this is a must.

• Loyalty Programs:

Merchant Club of America offers six different ways for your business to use gift cards to grow your business. We offer a gift card with purchase program, offer in-store credit to customers, provide electronic coupons with a promotional value in order to drive traffic to your doorstep. We also offer giveaway programs that allow you to partner with schools or charitable organizations in our community to give away pre-loaded gift cards. In addition we offer prepaid cards and finally, merchandise credit cards.

• Smart Terminals:

Smart isn’t for just phones anymore. Your business deserves modern technology and Merchant Club of America offer an all-in-one smart device you will actually want to have on your counter. You have the ability to accept all of today’s and tomorrow’s payment types, and can easily email receipts, refund transactions, and settle with the tap of a button. With the free smartphone app you can do all this fro anywhere. It’s like a remote control for your business.

• Apple Pay:

It is imperative that as a business owner you keep up with technology trends so your business can run smoothly and efficiently. Your point-of-sale technology should definitely not be the exception. If by now, offering Apple Pay is not an option you offer, you should strongly consider it. If for nothing else, your competition is doing it already. Apple Pay is the ability to accept payments by just placing your iPhone in the near vicinity of an Apple Pay compliant reader. If you’ve recently visited any large national chain, you have probably seen it already and witnessed it’s functionality.

LEARN MORE! Get in touch to learn more about all our options we offer for your small business. Whatever it is you need, we’re here for you. All you have to do is fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you soon. Blog managed and created by DS&P

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