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Providing Pin-Based Debit Processing Solutions For The Marijuana Industry.

At Merchant Club we are finally offering a legal solution to transacting business in the marijuana industry. We are proud to introduce PIN-Based Debit Processing.

The challenge a lot dispensaries and businesses in the Cannabis industry have had since inception, is the lack of payment options. A large portion of transactions have always been processed in cash. And to facilitate cash availability, shops have had to find ATM options for customers.

Not only has this been a clumsy and disorganized solution, but it created three additional predicaments:

• Created cash safety and security concerns

• ATM maintenance and issues

• Manual process for accounting and reporting


Pin-Based Debit Processing solves all these complications. It conveys the following advantages at the point-of-sale:

• It's State Bank sponsored, insured and approved.

• Enables impulse buys, increasing spending at the point-of-sale

• No inherent ATM fees making it less expensive for customers

• Provides a system of accurate and automatic online reporting

• Eliminates the need for ATM machines, maintenance and issues

• Provides safety to your employees and operations because it eliminates cash transactions.

If your business is involved in the marijuana industry, you need to contact us today. It will revolutionize your operations. Fill out the form below:

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