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The Merchant Club Advantage

Stop paying fees to accept credit cards. There is a better way!

By providing a unique processing terminal loaded with state-of-the- art software and explanatory signage to merchants, The Merchant Club automatically and instantaneously calculates the credit card fees on every customer charge. Those charges then appear on each customer receipt. In addition, The Merchant Club reinforces the advantage of paying for products and services in cash or with a prepaid gift card, where service fees are eliminated. It’s a win-win program that benefits merchants by putting more money in their pocket, while providing strong incentive for customers to pay with cash or with a prepaid gift card.

With MCA, merchants find that the thousands of dollars in processing fees they previously paid to credit card companies is now theirs to keep, either to reward themselves or to invest in their business!

The Merchant Club makes it all clear and up front. When merchants sign up they

also receive signage for their front door and terminal area, clearly spelling out the Cash Discount concept: Credit card processing fees are added to customers’ charges, or eliminated when they pay with cash of with a prepaid gift card. Customers appreciate the opportunity to save at the register by paying cash!

Again, this program is a win-win for everybody!

Where can I learn more? Just give us a call or fill-out the form below. A friendly, knowledgeable representative will answer your questions and help you sign up. Remember: If you do business and accept credit cards of any kind, Cash Discount was created precisely for hard-working merchants like you!

Here are a few authoritative links on Cash Discount Program, Surcharging, and Visa/Mastercard regulations. They are the opinions of the authors and are independent of The Merchant Club of America:

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