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Four Reasons You Should Upgrade To A Smart Terminal

With smart terminals you offer your customers the products and services they love, without compromising the way the want to pay. Below you will find four significant reasons to make the switch:

Growing with your business

Integration is an ever important facet of your technology. Poynt Smart Terminals has the capabilities to connect with registers, printers, scanners and many other peripherals. Poynt is developed on an Android platform which constantly updated and kept relevant. That way you don't have to constantly change POS systems as more technology is made available.


Do you need compatibility with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, EMV chips,

NFC or others? Poynt Smart Terminals have you covered. Because of it's platform's versatility, you can rest assured the launch of new payment technologies is only an update away.


Is your current POS systems just taking payments? It's time for you to demand more from your POS solution. Poynt Smart Terminals can gather every type of analytic reports you may need in order to make your business grow and market to your existing clientele. Cover all your bases and make sure you have all the data needed to make business decisions.


The migration to EMV presevents an opportunity for merchants to

rethink the technology they use so it meets the new EMV standards and protects both their customers and themselves against fraud. The best way to future-proof their stores, and to ensure they aren’t forced to constantly upgrade their hardware or software with every new innovative payment method, is to invest in a Poynt system featuring Lightning Register.

Need to know more? Ready to get started? Reach out to us on the form below.

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