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Smart Payment Systems In Your Restaurant

Accept Payments

Today’s food industry related businesses expect the total package: excellent food quality and unrivaled customer service. This would also include ease of payment. Customers want to have the flexibility to be able to pay their way, quickly and without hassle. Merchant Club provides direct connection to all major networks, making payments simple and hassle-free for your customers with Credit, Debit, and EBT options.

In addition we offer gift card and loyalty programs. These are inherent ways to attract and retain your clientele! Gift cards also give visibility and help establish your most important asset – your brand.

Smart POS Terminals

Smart point-of-sale terminals take payment-processing to the next level with

features and options as unique as your business. Whether you offer a fine dining experience with the need to add gratuity, or a fast experience at a quick establishment, Merchant Club offers restaurant POS system software, terminals and gateways that allow you to customize payment options and processing equipment to fit your needs.

We would like to invite you to let us do what we know best, so you can continue to do what you know best – providing great food and service to your clientele.

Security Options

The unfortunate truth is that data breaches are proving to be a reality to more and more small businesses. Hackers are targeting smaller operations more and more as larger companies are adopting the necessary security enhancements to fend off attacks. As Merchant Club of America about all of our security options that are designed and geared to keep your data safe.


The restaurant business often means long hours of operation, and then there’s the back office work, too. With our analytics and reporting system, you’ll have quick, easy, and secure access to critical reports, monthly statements, and detailed transaction data, anytime, anywhere – and without all the paper. Yes, you’re bookkeeper will love you for this gift.

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