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Introducing Pin-Based Processing by Merchant Club of America

Tested and approved by banks, this solution has the blessing of the strictest industry regulators. This is a bank sponsored pin debit only solution for the Cannabis Industry.

We offer a unique MID for each location, which allows for more specific and accurate reporting. In addition, this helps keep you compliant with network rules and regulations. Other companies may have one MID for multiple locations causing confusion with the reporting and reconciliation. Unlike traditional credit transactions, our debit solution is considered

one of the safest transaction types. This can help decrease fraud and chargebacks.

In addition, Merchant Club helps you save the money by running on the least expensive routing solution as a swiped transaction vs. keyed transactions which result in increased processing fees.

Merchant Club runs all Pin-Based Processing transactions through the debit card processing networks and NOT the ATM debit networks, therefore the consumer will not see any additional fees from their bank.

If you would like to have more information about our Pin-Based Processing options please fill out the form below:

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